Martin Q plays trumpet, flügelhorn, alto horn, and electronics. He is also an enthusiastic singer. Matandarnas transgalaktiska hiphopkapell was originally started as a cult band 1990, and is since 1997 in the Next Generation. During the turn of the century, Martin experimented with dub, techno, and balkan music, and played at clubs in Stockholm and UK, and festivals like Arvika and Hultsfred. Today he mainly plays different kinds of improv, with or without electronics. Listen to some grooves.

Matandarnas Transgalaktiska Hiphopkapell the Next Generation
Basho Ensemble

Matandarnas Transgalaktiska Hiphopkapell (1995), MQ Records
Ian Hendrick’s disco, The Mighty Quark (1998)
The Good People (1999)
Barnvisor för vuxna (2002), Gammafon
En kväll med Bellman (2002), JCH Records


”Solidarity is a clever mixture of dub and jazz trumpet performed with excellent dexterity.”
Le Tourne-Disque